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College Prep

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Preparation

There are two styles of SAT test preparation:

  • Tips and tricks to increase your score
  • Deep learning to address core foundational issues

The first type of test prep is provided by Ace Academics and can be very valuable for students who simply need to increase test scores and gain insights about how they learn. The second type, which The Reading Clinic provides, uses the SAT as a framework to remediate reading, comprehension, and writing skills for older students. Our goal is not to increase scores on the SAT, though it’s nice when it happens. Our goal is to develop the underlying skills that students are struggling with as identified by the SAT. Many students who have struggled with learning most of their lives might be hesitant to try “reading tutoring” but they are motivated to attend “SAT tutoring” like the rest of their friends. For some students, test scores may actually decrease as they become more invested in their learning and stop guessing at answers. If your only goal is to increase your child’s scores, we do not recommend using The Reading Clinic’s SAT prep service.

Personal Statement
Similar to SAT tutoring, Ace Academics can be very valuable in creating a highly polished personal statement. The approach at The Reading Clinic is a bit different. We use the personal statement as context for working on more foundational writing skills such as forming a complete sentence or writing a solid paragraph. Students will complete a personal statement that captures their voice and experience and that also accurately reflects their writing ability at its best. For students who have had significant struggles with learning, the story of their perseverance and determination to get to college speaks volumes. If a college cannot recognize the accomplishments of your child, it is likely not the right fit for your child.