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College Prep

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Preparation

Students will learn how to hone their test-taking skills using proven strategies and multiple, valid practice opportunities. According to their individual needs, students will build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, expand logical reasoning and cognitive skills, and write a compelling essay in the classic format.

Students will learn to compound prior knowledge and new, relevant knowledge, and apply it to practice tests successfully. Students will sharpen their critical thinking skills and learn to use logical reasoning to answer standardized test questions. Students will learn how to compose and write thoughtful, interesting essays in the 25 to 30 minutes allowed by the test instrument.

Personal Statement
The Reading Clinic is skilled at getting to know its clients. We’ll review your record for accomplishments you may not recognize as important. In a very honest, above-board way, we can polish your image in ways only a professional can. And, of course, you will be coached in both time-honored and leading-edge writing techniques. This could be the most important piece of writing you have ever created. A strong personal statement is your path to recruitment. Let The Reading Clinic pave the way.