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Dyslexia Assessment and Singerland screening

Dyslexia Assessment – Singerland Screening

Slingerland® Tests for Identifying Specific Language Disability (dyslexia)

Proven Research based programs for Dyslexia

Reading, Comprehension, Expression, Writing & Math

Dialogue Based, 1-to-1 Instruction using Research based Multi-sensory Programs

We offer the Slingerland® screening, which  is designed to identify strengths and weakness in writing, spelling, and oral and written expression. It offers detailed information about a student’s abilities in very specific combinations including near and far point copying, visual and auditory memory, auditory-visual discrimination, and dictation. The screening does not yield a diagnosis, but it does help identify students who may have dyslexia and are best served by a placement in a program/class that utilizes simultaneous multi-sensory techniques and/or receive individualized tutoring that develops the ability to simultaneously use the auditory, visual and kinesthetic-motor in a structured, step-by-step approach.