. Los Altos Measure Tutoring Results | The Reading Clinic


At The Reading Clinic, we provide our parents with both quantitative and qualitative measures of their child’s progress. When students reach milestones in their programs, we provide detailed examples of increased skill level, from the ability to independently apply rules of phonics to advancing a grade level in reading content. Parents often share with us the significant improvements they are observing at home or in school. More often than not, our students’ greatest success arrives in the form of a bolstered self-esteem and growing interest in reading independently.

To obtain quantifiable measures of progress, we rely on standardized academic assessment. In the initial stages, we use testing information to design curriculum for students as they begin intensive programs at The Reading Clinic. Upon program completion, we “post-test” students to provide quantitative analysis of their progress in their specific areas of weakness. Although results naturally vary between individuals, most students make noticeable gains in a short period of time with intensive instruction. Please refer to our Pre- and Post-Test Statistics above to get a sense what to expect over an 80-hour program.