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What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) –formerly ADD/ADHD –  is a condition of the brain that results in excessive activity, impulsivity, and/or difficulties with focusing attention. ADHD often makes it difficult for children to control their behavior in school and social settings. It is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood. The Reading Clinic identifies the academic skills your student is struggling with and creates a tailored solution. The results are measurable, significant and most importantly, last a lifetime.

What support do you offer for ADHD help?

Any of our programs can be used effectively for kids with ADHD.  We develop the underlying skills kids need to become more independent in school and to pay attention. Our comprehension(link) and writing(link) programs include an intensive period that allows practiced skills to become automatic and effortless. Our study skills program(link) includes a combination of strategies covering organization, project planning, note-taking, and practice applying comprehension and writing skills to longer projects. We’ve also taught kids to read and do math who have difficulty in a classroom setting.

Why do kids with ADD/ADHD love coming to The Reading Clinic?

Our programs make it easier for kids with ADHD to learn. Their thoughts become more organized, writing becomes a manageable task and school becomes a place they can be consistently successful. We provide students with a safe and accepting environment, engaging them in an ongoing process of discovery. In the dialogue-based format, students are better able to follow directions, stay on task, take more risks, complete assignments, and feel good about themselves.

What happens during a session?

Students complete tasks that take between 10-15 minutes that are designed to help improve whatever you’re your child is struggling with. Because of the 1-to-1 setting, we can ignore any behaviors, like tapping, fidgeting, squirming, that aren’t impacting their learning. In many cases, these behaviors are helping them to focus on the learning at hand. We are trained to recognize the difference so your child can have an optimal learning environment. For kids who are inattentive, we offer gentle redirects and design tasks to help engage their interest.

Will my child need tutoring for the rest of their lives?

Students may need a subject tutor for a particularly challenging subject. Because of the skills they gain at The Reading Clinic, they are able to access and apply what they learn in subject tutoring and in the classroom.

My child found out they have ADHD when they got to college. Can you help?

 Yes! This is a common experience because college is the first place where the demands are overwhelming when paired with the lack of structure. We don’t help with a specific subject, but rather help develop the underlying skills needed for success in college. We show college students how to create a learning environment for that is structured and supportive, and suits their needs.

Issues Associated With ADHD

  • Difficulty remembering
  • Often disorganized
  • Easily distracted
  • Struggles to understand and be understood
How The Reading Clinic Can Help

  • Work one-to-one at the student’s pace
  • Use a systematic and explicit method
  • Provide frequent, structured practice
  • Use multisensory instruction
  • Offer immediate, corrective feedback