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Myth #4: Smart kids will figure out how to read.

A noticeably bright child who is having trouble learning to read is at a high risk for not learning to read. If your child is noticeably frustrated by reading or is faking their ability to read and you are told, Hes bright, hell figure it out or She is still young and shes smart it will click for her do not wait to see what happens. Get your child evaluated by a reading specialist who can identify their specific strengths and weaknesses in reading or more globally in learning. If there is a history of dyslexia in your family, it might be worth getting a more formal assessment from a qualified psychologist or educational psychologist.

The Reading Clinic offers low cost assessments with no obligation to sign up for tutoring. We provide valuable insights into why your child is struggling with reading but we do not diagnose students.

Beth Powell has worked in the field of education for over 15 years. After completing her BA degree in Math and her MA in Transformative Leadership with a focus on math education, she developed the Math with Ease® Program. She worked at Lindamood-Bell and has been trained in Slingerland. She has given talks at many events, including the California Mathematics Council’s Asilomar conference, the Cupertino Union school district and for SELPA. Beth is also a musician and plays in a sailor band at historical recreation events.


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