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Selecting the Right Tutoring Program

How do I know which program is effective for my child?

We will help you decide which program to use through assessments and speaking with you about your child.

Take a look at the questions below as these can help you determine if it makes sense to contact The Reading Clinic about your child.  You may recognize your child’s difficulties in one particular group or in many areas. We address any and all of these difficulties directly.

How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Rhyme
  • Sound out words
  • Blend consonants
  • Say vowel sounds correctly
  • Read words accurately and quickly
  • Spell words the way they sound (ex: laugh – laf)

How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Remember a new word once it’s been sounded out
  • Read multi-syllable words (ex: skips the end or garbles the middle)
  • Read words quickly
  • Retain sight words (ex: said, been, my)
  • Spell sight words

How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Learn to read compared to peers
  • Read fluently with expression
  • Recall the details of a story read to the child or that the child read by herself
  • Tell or retell a story in sequence
  • Read slowly for meaning
    (ex: child speeds through book but has no idea about what was read)
  • Develop and use their vocabulary and descriptive language
  • Interact socially and express self clearly
  • Understand history and science reading material
How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Start a writing assignment
  • Write a well-organized paragraph or essay
  • Figure out a topic sentence or main idea
  • Keep details in sequence
  • Stay on topic and use relevant details
  • Use vivid and descriptive words
  • Finish a writing assignment
  • Complete writing assignments independently

How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Learn to count
  • Tell time on an analog clock
  • Use money
  • Connect the real world to numbers
  • Remember the addition and subtraction facts
  • Remember the multiplication and division facts
  • Understand place value
  • Learn carrying and borrowing with large numbers
  • Learn multi-step multiplication and division problems
  • Answer word problems correctly
  • Solve algebraic equations

How difficult is/was it for your child to:
  • Follow step-by-step directions
  • Keep track of homework and school assignments
  • Plan and allow sufficient time for a project like a book report
  • Maintain an organized binder of school work
  • Complete homework in a reasonable amount of time