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Think Twice About How You Praise Your Child or Student

Our beliefs about our intelligence can have dramatic positive or negative effects on what we try to learn and whether or not we persevere. That is one of many learnings  by Dr. Carol Dweck,  a psychology professor at Stanford University,  who has conducted extensive research on peoples’ beliefs about intelligence.  She finds that people tend to fall into one of two categories based on
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Kindergarten – Too Much Push on Formal Academics?

At a party recently,  I got talking with a woman who is a veteran kindergarten teacher.   She is the epitome of the caring,  thoughtful,  insightful, and wise teacher who has a passion for working with young children with their first experience in a school setting.  I asked her if things have changed for the better or not with regard to kindergarten teaching.  Her answer
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Nourishing Your Child’s Soul

When children are struggling with learning disabilities,  parents have concerns about how to help their child manage difficulties related to academics and they also have concerns about their child’s self-image. In her book, ‘Overcoming Dyslexia’,  Sally Shaywitz devotes a chapter to ‘Protecting and Nourishing Your Child’s Soul’ (inspiration for my blog entry title) and she makes so many great points.  She emphasizes that a
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Does The Brain Like Ebooks?

The editors of The New York Times discuss their answers here. The article includes a contribution from Maryanne Wolf, author of Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain.

The Power (and Peril) of Praise

An oldie but a goodie: “How Not to Talk to Your Kids: The Inverse Power of Praise” For extra credit, check out Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

President Obama’s Message for America’s Students

The President gives a speech directly to America’s students welcoming them back to school. He emphasizes their hope and potential but makes clear they will need to take responsibility for themselves and their education to reach that potential.
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Handwriting Advice

Fascinating article about printing vs. cursive, pencil grip, and how we perceive letters: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/09/04/opinion/20090908_opart.html

A Trusted Source for Dyslexia Information

For a parent with a child recently diagnosed as having dyslexia or who suspects her child may have dyslexia, an initial desire is to want to learn as much as possible and to seek information often starting with the internet. There is unfortunately a lot of mis-information and half-truths to be found about the topic of dyslexia out there on the internet. My advice
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The English Language is DUM

video about just how tricky English spelling can be
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Barnyard Book-A-Thon in SF Examiner!