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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension with Ease® helps students who

  • Don’t remember or understand what they’ve read
  • Have difficulty keeping track of details and sequence
  • Struggle with getting the main idea and making predictions and inferences
The Reading Comprehension with Ease® Program

The Reading Clinic has worked with many students whose weaknesses in comprehension and/or expressive language have kept them from reaching their potential. This ability to conceptualize language, or sensory cognitive processing, is key not only to reading, but also oral and written expression, developing a sense of humor, and following directions. It is an ability that becomes critical for a student’s success in middle and high school.


reading comprehension tutor

We Strengthen:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Receptive and Expressive Oral Language Skills
  • Conceptual and Critical Thinking
  • Written Language Skills

The Reading Clinic uses the Comprehension with Ease® program to teach students how to both draw meaning from text and to verbally express their understanding of it. This highly effective program provides students with the ability to conceptualize mental images that match content, and use language to describe those images. Starting at a concrete level and moving towards more abstract concepts, we help students to visualize the content of what they are reading. This method is highly successful in improving reading comprehension and memory retention.

Parents and teachers often notice increased self-esteem in these students who were previously struggling. They also notice an eagerness in these students to join in group discussions. Furthermore, they are actually engaged in learning; reading for them is now intriguing and stimulating and no longer involves constant rereading of text in order to grasp the meaning of it.