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Free Webinar: Reading Comprehens​ion – The Forest AND The Trees on Oct 10th 12PM PT

Reading Comprehension – The Forest AND The Trees, with Beth Powell of The Reading Clinic In this webinar, parents will learn the factors that contribute to comprehension, warning signs of a comprehension issue and how to address the major issues affecting their child’s ability to understand what they are reading. Parents will understand how children learn how to read, when to be concerned about
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9/20/12 Free Webinar: Learning To Read – What Every Parent Should Know

Learning To Read – What Every Parent Should Know 12:00pm, September 20, 2012 Beth Powell of The Reading Clinic Parents who understand how children learn to read are more knowledgeable about their child’s reading progress. Learn to identify five essential reading skills and how they create a successful reader. Anecdotal stories about former students will help to illustrate the concepts presented. This free webinar
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Learning Center Helps With College Preparation

For high school students a new school year means one step closer to making that big decision: What do I do after I graduate? In this day and age, college is a necessary choice after high school comes to an end. Getting a college degree is one of the most important steps to ensure a well-paying and meaningful career in the future. In order
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Preparing For Back To School

Summer is coming to an end and that can only mean one thing! School is just around the corner (if you haven’t started already!). This is the season for backpacks, lunchboxes, and learning galore. For many students this is an exciting time of year. Students wonder who their new teacher is going to be and they get to see friends that they may not
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5 Reasons Why Learning to Read Is Important

As reading tutors, we know just how important learning to read is.  We live in the information age and that statement is truer now than it has ever been.  As true as that statement is, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why reading is so important?  Or better still, had to explain to your child why? While we do understand that reading is
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Learning Centers Provide Additional Support Where Schools Fall Short

We all have a hard time asking for help, especially children. Nobody wants to feel like a failure. The truth is by choosing to seek out the help we need, we are choosing the path to success. For children, early success (particularly when it comes to education) is fundamental to a successful adult life. Public schools have a wide variety of children that they
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The Right Tutoring Service Makes All The Difference

Choosing the right tutor service for your child is no different than choosing any other professional to provide essential support to your family. You want to take your time and do your homework to make sure you’re getting the best possible services available. The first you want to consider when choosing a tutor service for your child is the setting and whether it is
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Learning to Read Can Be a Challenge

Learning to read is considered a rite of passage for many. It is a skill we pick up in our early years and often take for granted as we grow older. Despite it becoming second nature to most of us, learning to read can be challenge for some children. It is Mother Nature that makes human beings unique. Mother Nature can also provide children
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Academic Skill Building and Brain Training Expo!

Please join us at The Academic Skill Building and Braining Training Expo! Friday March 30th 5:30 PM to 8:45 PM Santa Clara Convention Center Discover how to successfully handle learning differences and attention challenges. The presenters have vast experience in various areas of learning, memory, autism, mood, ADHD, and dyslexia. For more information, visit www.academicskillbuildingexpo.com.

How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Needs

Understanding learning as a process with several stages can help you identify where your child is struggling in school. Learning is a complex interplay between input, processing, retention and output. Most students have strengths in several areas, and a difficulty in one area is all it takes to make school exceptionally challenging. The Reading Clinic offers a battery of tests to help us pinpoint
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