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A Trusted Source for Dyslexia Information

For a parent with a child recently diagnosed as having dyslexia or who suspects her child may have dyslexia, an initial desire is to want to learn as much as possible and to seek information often starting with the internet. There is unfortunately a lot of mis-information and half-truths to be found about the topic of dyslexia out there on the internet. My advice
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Newsweek Deems University of Pittsburgh Good Fit for Students With LD

Article here: http://www.newsweek.com/id/211432

Is It a Reading Disorder or Developmental Lag?

It’s hard for parents to admit their child might have a learning difficulty, but research shows that early intervention is critical for overcoming reading delays. In “Is It a Reading Disorder or Developmental Lag?”, educational expert Susan Hall explains the importance of getting your child help now rather than later.

The English Language is DUM

video about just how tricky English spelling can be
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Photographic Dictionary

Believe it or not, most people have a photographic dictionary between their ears. When we hear or read a familiar word, we access that photographic dictionary to visualize an image that helps us to understand the word’s meaning. To give you an example, when I hear the word “superstition,” I can immediately imagine a person finding a four-leaf clover, walking beneath a ladder, or
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Barnyard Book-A-Thon in SF Examiner!


Do it Now – Meet Your Child’s Teacher BEFORE School Starts

With the start of school right around the corner, you parents out there are busy preparing for your child’s school year. Your list of things to do probably includes shopping for school supplies, figuring out after school activities, lining up new clothes for your child to wear and much more.  If you are the parent of a child diagnosed with AD/HD, then I urge you to
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Achievement gap among students stalled

“The state’s stubborn achievement gap once again failed to budge in 2009 even as more students than ever finished the school year at or above grade level in standardized testing, according to results released today.”

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