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New Internet Radio Talk Show on Learning, Reading and LD

Thursdays, May 8th – June 5th from 12pm – 1pm at www.youtube.com/user/LdEduTalk

Five Perspectives on Learning to Read – Breaking the Code

Join us every Thursday at noon to find out when to be concerned about your child’s reading, how to find help, and what to expect from your child’s school. Each week a specialist will join us to give a brief talk on a facet of reading, followed by questions from our hosts and audience members. Experts from the field of reading and parent advocacy will provide the answers that you must have if you suspect your child is struggling to learn how to read. This series aims to give parents many opportunities get answers to the questions they have about their child’s issues with learning to read.

Questions must be submitted before the broadcast at www.youtube.com/user/LdEduTalk or info@LdEduTalk.org.

How do children learn to read?

Are you worried your child is struggling with reading and don’t know how to help?

Do you know what the greatest predictor of reading success is?

Will your child ever learn to read?

Do issues with reading mean that your child has a disability?

How do you figure out if your child needs help?

How do you work with your child’s school?

How do you get your child the support they need?

Beth Powell has worked in the field of education for over 15 years. After completing her BA degree in Math and her MA in Transformative Leadership with a focus on math education, she developed the Math with Ease® Program. She worked at Lindamood-Bell and has been trained in Slingerland. She has given talks at many events, including the California Mathematics Council’s Asilomar conference, the Cupertino Union school district and for SELPA. Beth is also a musician and plays in a sailor band at historical recreation events.


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