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The Importance of 4th Grade Reading Comprehension

reading comprehension tutorWe live in the information age.  With the internet so readily available a person can find the details on just about anything with a click of a button.  While the manner in which we get our information may have changed the basics are still the same; reading!

Reading is one of the core skill sets necessary to find and convey information and those skills are developed at a young age.  If a child struggles with the fundamentals of reading and reading comprehension it can seriously impede their ability to grow academically.  Reading is the foundation to other academic courses such as science, history, literature, and even impacts a child’s ability to write.  Recognizing a child’s struggles early on can help get them back on track and keep them there.

When a boy or girl enters the 4th grade a real emphasis is put on reading and reading comprehension.  In most instances reading up to this level has been about learning the skills necessary to put the words together and giving the students tools to take it to the next level.  From the 4th grade on, students become responsible for the material they read and each year they are required to find information through reading more independently.  This is often the time when children who struggle with reading have the most difficult time.  It is important to address this struggle as quickly as possible to prevent a child from falling behind.

Every child is different.  This is true in a child’s approach to education.  The Reading Clinic recognizes the differences each child brings to the table academically and supports them in unique ways.  By creating individualized academic support plans, each child gets the attention they need to succeed and in the areas they need it.  By providing each child and his or her family with a personal evaluation The Reading Clinic can create a very specific approach to helping your child.

The Reading Clinic is more than a tutoring service, it is a full academic support center.  With locations throughout the greater San Francisco area, getting your child the help he or she needs has never been easier.  With school getting into full swing, now is the time to talk to the professionals at The Reading Clinic.

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