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Palo Alto Tutor – The Reading Clinic – Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Expression & Math Tutoring in Palo Alto

220 State Street, Suite E,
Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 941-1678


  • Monday- Friday: 9am – 7pm
  • Saturday 9am – 5pm
  • Closed Sunday

Through the design and application of customized programs, The Reading Clinic addresses foundational challenges in Reading, Writing, and Math. Palo Alto Tutors delivering results since 1997.

Serving Atherton, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Stanford

Since 1997, The Reading Clinic has offered one-to-one tutoring in reading, spelling, writing, language comprehension and math. Using research-based, multi-sensory programs, The Reading Clinic focuses on enhanced academic performance and self-esteem. We provide students with a safe and accepting environment, engaging them in an ongoing process of discovery. In the dialogue-based format, students are better able to follow directions, stay on task, take more risks, complete assignments, and feel good about themselves.

The Reading Clinic identifies a students basic needs and creates a tailored solution. The results are measurable, significant and most importantly, last a lifetime.

The Palo Alto director is Beth Powell. She has worked in the field of education for 15 years. After completing her BA degree in Math and her MA in Transformative Leadership with a focus on math education, she developed the Math with Ease® Program. Beth is also a musician and is part of the theatrical community. She was a consultant for the theatrical production of “Proof”.

How do I know which program is effective for my child?

Deciding on a program for your child is not as difficult as it may seem. We use detailed assessments paired with interviews with you regarding your child’s challenges to develop a truly individualized plan for success.

The real challenge is making the choice to consult with The Reading Clinic. Are you able to recognize the struggle areas that are clear signs to needing that extra support? If you have any question as to whether your child needs extra support with their learning consider the following. These lists of common challenges can help you identify trouble areas that may be slowing your child’s academic progress.

How has your child performed in the following areas:

  • Is your child having a hard time with pronunciation of words or vocalizing words?
  • Is your child able to rhyme words or figure out words through sounding them out ?
  • Does your child struggle with vowel sounds?
  • Is your child saying consonant sounds clearly or are they mixing the sounds together?
  • Does your child read words quickly and precisely?
  • Can your child spell words based on how they sound?

How difficult has it been for your child in the following:

  • Is your child able to recall new words after they learned them through phonetically?
  • Does your child struggle with reading multi-syllable words such as jumbling sounds or jumping to the end of the word?
  • Is your child able to recognize words swiftly?
  • Can your child remember commonly used words they have read and spell them?

Has your child struggled in any of the following areas related to reading comprehension:

  • Has your child had a more difficult time learning to read compared to others?
  • Does your child add expression when reading out loud? Does he or she read smoothly?
  • Is your child able to recall story details that they have read or have been read to them when asked?
  • Does your child retell events in the order that they occurred?
  • Is your child taking their time to understand the text they are reading?
  • Have you noticed more word usage and use of language as a descriptive device?
  • Is your child using language to express their thoughts effectively with other people?
  • Is your child showing an understanding of history and science material?

Has your child faced any of the challenges below in regards to using written language skills:

  • Does your child avoid getting started on school assignments that involve a lot of writing?
  • Does your child understand the pieces of a paragraph and can they organize one? How about an essay?
  • Can your child identify a topic sentence (main idea sentence)?
  • Is your child able to present ideas in a natural (sequential) order?
  • Does your child remain on the assigned topic and use supporting details relevant to the topic?
  • Is your child able to use language to enhance their thoughts through descriptive language?
  • Does your child see writing tasks through to the end?
  • Is your child working on writing tasks independently?

Has your child struggled in any of the following areas related to mathematics:

  • Was learning to count a challenge for your child?
  • Did your child struggle with learning to read a non-digital (analog) clock?
  • Does your child understand the concept of money and how to use it?
  • Does your child see how numbers relate to the world around them?
  • Is your child able to recall simple math facts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division?
  • Does your child know what place value is?
  • Does your child struggle with carrying or borrowing in math with large numbers?
  • Has your child struggled with multi-step multiplication and division problems?
  • Can your child understand math when it’s written (i.e., word problems)?
  • Does your child show an understanding of Algebraic equations?

Has your child had difficulty with any of the areas relating to directions and responsibility:

  • Is your child able to follow the steps given to him or her when provided directions?
  • Does your child monitor homework assignments and when they are due without supervision?
  • Is your child able to plan appropriately the time it takes to complete school related projects such as reports?
  • Does your child organize their school assignments and keep them neat?(i.e., in a binder, back pack, stored neatly)?
  • Is your child able to complete assignments by the assigned dates and within a reasonable amount of time?

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